The passing of Pat Nakata Sensei

Charles Goodin sensei of Hawai’i reports the sad news of the passing of Pat Nakata sensei:

I am very sad to report that my good friend and senior, Sensei Pat Nakata, passed away last week, on Thursday, February 7th. He was 68. Words cannot express my sense of loss and also my deep respect for and gratitude to Nakata Sensei.

By way of an introduction from my friend Mark Tankosich sensei I had the very great pleasure to have conducted an interview with Nakata sensei on episode 13 of The Applied Karate Show.

Nakata sensei was one of the early pioneers of authentic Okinawan shorinryu karate in America. He had had the opportunity to train with luminaries like Wadoryu founder Ohtsuka sensei and Walter Nishioka sensei. But his major influence was undoubtedly Okinawan shorinryu luminary Chibana Choshin sensei.

Every interview on The Applied Karate Show has been a fascinating learning experience, as well as an honour for me. The interview with Nakata sensei was special – he left an amazing impression of a man with quiet confidence, a lot of experience and a genuine enthusiasm for sharing his art.

I am very saddened to hear of Nakata sensei, and I wish his family, students and friends my condolences.

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  1. That is certainly terrible news! My condolences to his family and all who knew him. I would love to listen to the interview, but I discovered that all of the links on your Podcast page seem to be broken.

  2. The passing of Nakata Sensei was very sad he taught me so very much. To the Nakata Family I offer my sincere condolences, they are a wonderful family and I love them all.

    To me all that I learned from Nakata Sensei starts with the first move of kihon shodan. To quote Nakata Sensei as we talked he said “the first move of kihon shodan could be the most powerful move in martial arts”. His kata was so very strong and his eyes had so much concentration in them total commitment.

    I say he will be the only Sensei I will ever have. Because even though he is gone his words are in my heart and mind. The correction, the commitment to kata, the pursuit of excellence in karate. In life you meet people that stand apart and if you are very fortunate you will be one or two who really stand apart in excellence of what they do. That person for me is Nakata Sensei in the area of Karate I don’t believe I will see another like him maybe for years, decades, or possible for the rest of my life.


    Damian Perea student of Sensei Nakata-OSKA Chief instructor and a man that personified the art of karate to me. With all my respect he was also a dear friend.

  3. Karate no renshu wa kata no renshu- quote Chosin Chibana
    As shared with me by my Sensei Pat Nakata.
    Furinkazan, Furinkazan oss Sensei, oss Sensei.
    I am only beginning to understand, hopefully I am a good beginner Sensei
    Damian Perea

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